Affiliate Program

To become a PGS affiliate member and gain a 10% coupon code from us as well as discounted sticks, you must have an Instagram account with a hockey audience that you believe would benefit from PGS products. Every time a customer uses your coupon code in a PGS purchase, you also get 10% that the customer saved!

We will review your Instagram account and take into consideration how many followers and the content you have. Ideally you should have a minimum of 1,500 followers. However, this should not be looked at as discouragement to apply should you have a lower amount. We approach this process with a holistic review.

To apply to the affiliate program, please send an email to and we will review your request. Please make sure that "Affiliate" is written in the email subject. In the email, please write your responses to the questions below:

Why you want to be an affiliate?

What do you think you can bring to PGS?

How will you create PGS product engagement?

Should you be brought into the affiliate program, you will be required to acknowledge and sign a non disclosure agreement. If you are found to not be doing what was listed in the agreement, your coupon code will be removed and you will not receive any monetary compensation.