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Pro XT1 Mask


The PGS XT1 is our go to mask for the PRO'S. If you are looking for the strongest quietest mask on the market, well you found it. This mask is fully custom built for professionals and adults only. It features woven(like carbon fiber) fiberglass for a tighter and stronger construction, ballistic grade kevlar for impact integrity and absorption and our signature Hex-Lite carbon fiber for its rigidity and superior vibration dissipation.

The XT1 also features a two-stage foam set up with concussion padding to dissipate rotational forces. To top off this extremely stout mask, the interior is lined with acoustic dampening materials for quieter impacts so you don’t become rattled. You are never out of the play in the PGS XT1.


Pro XT1 Mask

Price: $999.99
PGS XT1 Hockey Mask PGS XT1 Hockey Mask PGS XT1 Hockey Mask PGS XT1 Hockey Mask PGS XT1 Hockey Mask

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