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Goalie Trapper

  • 2 lb 4 oz average
  • Balanced design that has a lighter feel
  • Inner molded palm
  • Comes with traditional cuff and wrist strap
  • Optional MAS (Multipoint Adjustment System) that also adjusts break angle feel
  • With MAS you get 20-30 degrees greater range of motion than traditional gloves
  • MAS free floating wrist and palm for better hand, wrist, and arm articulation
  • MAS allows for better puck control, stick handling, and making saves above the shoulder
  • MAS allows you to adjust the glove for fingers to palm or fingers to thumb closure
  • Ability to present the glove flat to the shooter (MAS)
  • Padded wrist strap for better control
  • Additional wrist and palm protection (MAS)
  • Larger cuff allows more mobility and less interference with chest protector
  • Wider single and double T allows for vacuum like puck control
  • Deep T-web for expanded catching area
  • Heat moldable
  • Optional Skate lace in T-web absorbs energy of shot to reduce puck bounce
  • Back hand padding with HD 110 Pro-Form high density foam to protect hand and fingers
  • Sourced and manufactured in North America
  • Complies with NHL sizing regulations
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XT1 Trapper (50% Deposit)

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